At school today we had an ability awareness day. (like a disability awareness day.) And we learned all sorts of stuff about different disabilities. Like autism and ADHD and visual impairments. We did a bunch of cool stuff to simulate how a person with a disability might feel. We rode around in wheel chairs and put on blind folds. We also sat at a table and had one person be the one who was simulating being autistic and had other people distract them with bright light and noise while the “teacher” was reading a book aloud. The teacher was really a kid pretending. Then the “teacher” asked the person who was simulating being autistic questions about the book he/she was reading aloud. That way we learned why it is so hard for children who are autistic to learn in a class room. Another thing to point out that when talking about someone who has a disability you should always say person first. For example, “person who is blind” rather than “blind person.” We also learned about how just calling something retarded is just plain offensive! (not that most people didn’t know that before.) And calling something that’s stupid gay is also very offensive! So spread the word to end the word.