Amanda Todd was a girl who made one mistake on the Internet. She was haunted for the rest of her life by it. I’m not gonna tell you what she did I’m just gonna say that it did not justify what she got and what she did to her self. About a year after her mistake people started harassing her. A man mailed the photo to all the kids at her school and she was shunned. She moved and at each new school he did the same. Finally she drank bleach in an effort to kill her self. She was taken to the hospital and her stomach was flushed. And all the kids kept harassing her. She finally found some one she thought loved her and he was gonna leave his girl friend. So when he told her to leave the school she listened. And she got beaten up by his girl friend and 2 others. I am leaving out many details because I think some of it should not be on the web at all. I just wanted to say R.I.P Amanda Todd. You can see her YouTube video by searching Amanda Todd in the search box in YouTube. To all those jerks out there who are happy she is dead you people are disgraces to the human race. Again R.I.P Amanda Todd! Peace!