Did you guys know that there is like a 99% chance that there is life in our solar system! The top place is Mars but I’m betting on Europa. Cause Mars may have liquid water at one time but that doesn’t mean that there is still life! Europa however has liquid water! Under it’s WATER ice surface! And there is evidence of volcanic vents under the surface same as Earth’s ocean. They have even traveled to the bottom of Earth’s ocean and found the same conditions as on Europa (or at least what they’re pretty sure the conditions are) and they have found LIFE down there! (on earth.) So like I said before THERE IS PROBABLY LIFE ON EUROPA! In case you didn’t know Europa is one of Jupiter’s moons. Oh and by the way Jupiter is almost a star! If only it had 10% more has it would ignite and become a second (very small and dim) Sun! Anyway I KNEW THEY WERE OUT THERE! And I hope they Aliens don’t travel to Earth and eat all our brains! Which “leader” do you think we should take them to? You know when the ask “Take me to your leader” like all martians do. Should we take them to Queen Elizabeth or President Obama? Or some other leader? Well I’ll stop pondering about Aliens and post about something else. See ya!