So I was just researching rats for the heck of it and I found several sites saying that rats like music! I
decided that I just had to try this out for myself! I tried Irish (they all ran away. lol), pop (Iris liked it. Lady Gaga is her fave) and some rock (iris liked that as well). the rock wasn’t real rock by my standards but who cares. They didn’t love any of them. In a final attempt to show my rats the wonderful art of music and have them actually enjoy it I tried Mozart. And they LOVED it! They all curled up to sleep together! I haven’t seen Iris and Kira allow Angel to sleep with them in a while. As I played it Angel started BRUXING! In case you didn’t know that’s when a rat grinds his or her teeth. It means the same thing as a dog wagging it’s tail. I bought one song by Mozart from iTunes. It’s the one they fell asleep to and it’s called Symphony No. 40. I got it from this album called Mozart for brain power. Well I’m gonna go test some Beethoven on them! See ya!