I’m the kind of person who just loves reading about new advances and discoveries in almost any field. Whether it’s medical or involves outer space. In this case it is a archaeological discovery. I’ve posted about the Kush before but look at this!

“There are times in every excavation when you’ve started some big project and days go by with not much more happening than lots of earth being moved. So there’s been a delay in my posts as we’ve been in that mode.

In one area, we’re continuing to clear the big mortuary temple. More columns have appeared, and we’ve reached the floor in one area, where the columns have substantially larger bases. The floor is about 3 meters under the level of the sand. That means we have a HUGE amount of sand to move, and sand is really heavy. So that will take some time. But it also means that when we are finished, we will have uncovered a really substantially preserved temple from ancient Kush. Very exciting! We’ve also continued to work through a pile of large fallen stones, which may turn out (who knows?) to be inscribed or decorated in some way. So we are excavating carefully and looking at each face of the stone pieces just to be certain.”

I copied and pasted this from another blog. You can see the entire blog here. I think that the Kush were an amazing culture and I’m always excited when a new discovery (I know I’ve used that word a lot in this post. sorry!) about the Kush, or any ancient culture, is made! Hope you liked the post and the other blog!