Today there are two songs, same artist. Here’s a little about Britt Nicole (the singer). I really like her because she’s popy but her lyrics aren’t crap. I’m not going to go into what crap is but listen to, say, Moves Like Jagger and listen to the lyrics. On second thought don’t. Any way, Britt Nicole is a Christian singer, which is why she sings nice songs, and some of her songs are about finding god. Two of her songs that I really like are Gold (which just came out) and Welcome To The Show. Be sure to listen to them on youtube because they both have amazing beginnings which iTunes doesn’t let you listen to when your just trying it out. I’m thinking about buying one of her albums. Listen to her lyrics and you don’t have to gag! YAY!!! I do find it kinda sad that someone has to be Christian not to sing about crap. Not that I have have anything against christians! I just think that those singers who aren’t christian should respect them selfs enough not to sing about that kinda stuff. Well thats my rant about the music of today. See ya and hope you like the songs!