Valentines day is so hard when you are my age. You think someone might give you a valentine and then you are so disappointed when you don’t get one! Especially if you don’t get one from your crush, not that I have one. They make it a really big deal at my school. I guess it’s for those kids who are older than me. But all the candy we get from our teachers is nice. Gives you a good excuse to eat in class! Not that I would ever do such a thing! *wink wink* And it is also the day when, by an unspoken law, you have to spill the identity of your crush to your friends. So I guess all around it’s pretty good holiday. Everyone is always saying they want it to be one of the those minor holidays where you still don’t have school, but I kinda like going to school on valentines day. If we didn’t go to school then when would we get our valentines, and spill our crushes? Well I guess that’s it. See ya! Happy Valentines Day!