I love the woods. I live right on the edge of a couple of acres. They are beautiful in the summer, oh and the fall. They’re really pretty in all the seasons. And the animals are wonderful. There’s one squirrel that used to hang out on the porch right next to my room. I think he was a fox squirrel. I used to call him Tom because he was right next to my window. You know as in “peeping tom.” He was so cute though. I think he either moved out of the hole in tree, right out side my window, that he lived in or (i hate to say it) he might have gone to squirrel heaven. Either way my dad was cutting off half of the tree so Tom probably wouldn’t have liked it much anyway.
I once had a conversation with a squirrel. Ok so I’m exaggerating a bit but this is how it went, I was standing at the window (it’s one of those windows that takes up a hole wall) and the squirrel was sitting on our porch railing. I banged on the window (I don’t know why) but to my surprise he banged/hopped on the railing in the same pattern I banged! I tried again and he copied me again! It was so cute! He finally ran off but not before we got a good conversation going!
We’ve had some problems with collage kids getting drunk and setting things on fire in the woods so my dad tells me not to cross the stream. The collage kids used to have this thing they called The Hobo Hut. It was like a giant treehouse/fort thing. It was pretty cool but really dangerous. There was a big branch on some scaffolding and nailed to a tree that you could climb up on. It was like ten feet off the ground and not sturdy at all so it was bound to break and send some poor kid crashing to their death. Some of the kids in the neighborhood found it and started doing work on it it. Yeah, ten year olds with hammers and nails and a collapsing tree fort. Not a good mix. Well remember what I said about some kid crashing to their death? Well my dad was afraid of the same thing. He took a movie of the kids working on it then showed it to the other parents in the neighborhood. Then the other parents went out and destroyed the thing. They also had to call the police when the collage kids had a huge bonfire going and were making tons of racket. The woods are fantastic when there aren’t drunk collage kids running around and starting fires! Wow this is a long post. I think I’m gonna end it here. See ya!