Me and my dad decided to go out to watch the new movie, Beautiful Creatures, at the theater. So me and my dad looked on line for the movie times. We found THEIR site and saw the movie time was 6:30. We get there at around 6:20 and buy our tickets. then we go to the ticket guy and he gives us a weird look and says they aren’t done cleaning our theater yet. And that we’ll have to come back in a about ten mins. So we wait… and wait… and wait… then we go back. And he gives us another weird look and tells us it’s gonna be another ten mins. We both groan (lol) and walk away. Dad looks at our tickets and he realizes that our tickets say 7:10 showing! We go up to the ticket-giver and tell them we asked for the 6:30 showing. They tell us that there is no 6:30 showing! We tell them it was on their website and they say that they “are not affiliated” with their own website! We asked for a refund and they gave it to us but we were PISSED! I was so annoyed! Why would they not have the right time on their website? Well I gotta go so, see ya.