I really hate the weather here. It’s cold, oh so cold and there’s only a light dusting of snow so we can’t sled or ski or anything like that! If we’re gonna keep having weather like this then I want summer! In the summer you can sim out doors, you don’t have to bundle up so much you can’t breath, you can lay in the grass, you can eat ice cream without getting frostbite on your insides and so, so much more! And summer is so much prettier than the bleak, cold, gray winter we have here. There are vibrant green leaves on the trees, beautiful colored petals on flowers colorful birds flitting through trees! I envy Baby (our bearded dragon) her cage is always around 70 degrees! And we just put a fake tree branch in it so it looks ever nicer and summery than ever! Why can’t it be warmer out side? I thought global worming was supposed to make things warm not cold! It is called global WARMING! Oh my gosh, Baby’s looking at me like “aaaaah! So nice and warm in here!” She’s taunting me I tell you! I love her anyway though. I WISH IT WAS SUMMER!!!! And with that, See ya!