Oh yeah! It’s 3:40 and I’m still wide awake! I bought a really soft, cozy blanket at five below so me and Katiekat have been laying on that all night. So cozy! It’s covered in peace signs and hearts and paint splotches. here’s a pic.

That’s just part of it. And I got an awesome bracelet that I’ve had on all night. Here’s a pick of it.

It’s the slap-on kind. That’s why it’s all flat. And I’m not a hippie or nothin I just thought these were cute. Not that there’s anything wrong with hippies! This night has been FABULOUS! I’m really hungry though. There’s, like, 5 hours until breakfast. I just brushed my teeth for the night! This sleepover had thrown my whole schedule out of whack. But hey, maybe it needed a little mixing up! My blanket is so warm and cozy even though I sitting on TOP of it! “I WANT BREAKFAST!” sorry, that was my stomach. I’m gonna go eat something *cough*(candy)*cough.* See ya!