After the scavenger hunt we had a dinner of spaghetti. Then we went to five below (oh yeah!) and got a bunch of amazing stuff. I got tangerine and strawberry eoses a fleece blanket and tons of candy! Then we went to the new makeup store called Ulta (we are such girls) and got some awesome stuff! Did you know eos makes lotion? Well now I do and it’s epic! I also got some cherry blossom conditioner! We also got some liquid water flavorer called Dasani drops. I love Dasani flavored water so I thought this stuff might be just as good! I got some cool dragon fruit lipgloss too. Now we’ve come back home (to her house) and we’re just polishing our nails and eating candy and listening to girl music and talking about girl stuff. Girl, girl, girl! Gotta get back to girl stuff! See ya!