It’s officially midnight and I’m not at all tired yet! Me and Katiekat are hanging out. First we watched Charmed (an awesome show about witches) and a few mins ago we had a dance party! My music is fantastic! We were listening to Britt Nicole which is nice and technoy and Lady Gaga who everyone knows is great for dace parties! I really stink at dancing but it was really fun anyway. And Katiekat has a disco-ball that we were using as well! It’s AWESOME! Well this is a joint post, I’m posting on her blog too, so here is the one and only… KATIEKAT!!!! -Rattielover

My room can be awesome when it comes to dance parties! I have a disco ball that I got a couple of years ago, and a lava lamp, and it gets REALLY dark! it was epic! i can’t believe its midnight, and were not even tired yet! the only problem is that my younger brother and the friend that he is having over are watching some random 80’s crap, and its super loud! it sounds like theres a hurricane ripping there heads off (sound affects included)! Anyways, this has been EPIC!!!! before the dance party, we were having some quality girl time! We were doing are nails, talking about are dark OCD side, eating junk… I highly recommend this activity for all those BFFs out there! Take it away, Rattielover!!! -Katiekat

I can’t believe the dart board wouldn’t stay up! Remember when it fell, very rudely in my opinion, making a ton of noise while we were hiding under the bed! Ok, so I was only half under the bed but I’m claustrophobic, man! It really didn’t turn out like either of us planned but that’s ok. It was fun tormenting them. -Rattielover

You didn’t go all the way under because you couldn’t fit your butt under!! and that was kind of annoying! I blame the crappy duct tape though! it was not sticky at all! It couldn’t keep a dust particle on for 30 seconds! How can duct tape not be STICKY?!?!?! Anyways, this has been great rattielover! We haven’t tried to kill each other yet! long story… A long time ago, i was at a sleep over at Rattie’s mom’s house. We decided to stay up all night. Let me just say, it wasn’t pretty… If you guys want to see the other side of the conversation, visit my blog at! thanks for reading! -Katiekat

Thank you for your visit Katiekat. Be sure to check out this awesome blogger’s site at Yeah that was my news caster impression. We did a joint post on her blog too so please read it! See ya, Katiekat! -Rattielover