THANK YOU PIGLOVE! Guys, be sure to check out his blog at He gave me the Liebster award! If you don’t know what the liebster ward is it’s… well… I’m not sure about the criteria for being chosen but what I do know is that I have to answer 11 questions from piglove and tell you 11 random things about me. Here are my answers to piglove’s questions.
1. “if you could have dinner with anyone famous, who would it be?” Well, my piggy friend, I think… um… probably President Obama. I really admire him.
2. “what’s your favorite food?” well… I think it’s pizza. I know, so original. But hey, It’s good food!
3. “what’s your favorite bed time story?” Family stories. Like the kind about how your grate uncle got himself attacked by a swarm of bees when trying to rip their stingers off. true story.
4. “what’s your favorite day of the week?” Thursday. Don’t ask me why but I’ve always really liked Thursday for as long as I can remember.
5. “computer, iPad or iPhone, which do you prefer?” Well iPad obviously but I’ve been thinking about getting a computer.
6. “what’s your favorite thing to do?” Well I like getting up really, really early and having the house to my self and playing with the rats and my ipad. I know that’s not really what you meant but it’s the best I can think of.
7. “books or ebooks which do you prefer?” I like books better. I like being able to turn the pages.
8. “what is your favorite television show?” I think either H2O or Warehouse 13.
9.”when is the last time you stopped and smelled the roses?” Last summer. lol. This morning.
10. “What is your favorite take out for dinner?” No Thai. It’s a fantastic place.
11. “which is your favorite, summer, fall, winter or spring?” Either spring or summer. This winters been really horrible this year.

Now, 11 facts about me.
1. I’ve probably spent half the time in the past year on my iPad.
2. I have five rats, one mouse (who is four years old!), one turtle (but he’s mainly my mom’s) and one lizard.
3. I’m allergic to milk.
4. I love blogging
5. I am a complete and total nerd
6. I love the woods (see my post “Forest.”)
7. I refuse to wake up after 7:00 am
8. I have no will power when it comes to not eating candy/sweets of any type
9. If someone were to insult a rat I would probably kill them right then and there. Lol. Jk. But I would pull one out of my shirt and wave his/her tail in the persons face. (so don’t mess with me!)
10. I’m running out of facts (so she starts making things up after here…(per Dad))
11. I’m just plain weird. (MEEEEP. FALSE (per Dad))

The people I give the award to are:

Those I have given the award to must give 11 random facts about themselves and answer the 11 questions I have given them.
1. How long have you been blogging?
2. What is your favorite thing to blog about?
3. Why did you chose your blog name?
4. Why did you start blogging?
5. What is your favorite color?
6. Who is your favorite actor or actress?
7. What is your number one goal for your self?
8. What is your happiest memory?
9. If you had three wishes what would they be? (no wishing for more wishes)
10.What type of music do you like the most?
11. Is the glass half empty or half full?
Thanks again for the award piglove. See ya.