Today at school we had a power outage. I was so excited because it meant that we probably wouldn’t have to do any school work! I am such a nerd. I wrote down a post as we were siting in the dark with the power out! Here’s what I wrote.

OMG!!!!!! POWER OUTAGE!!! I’m at school and the power just went out while we were watching a movie! When it when out everyone was like “yay!” and then the teacher (who is the best teacher IN THE WORLD) told us that no power means no heat which means freezing our little a-words off!! And in the previous ears they had power outages they never sent the kids home! But you know what? I don’t want to go home! I’m actually having a lot of fun! The only problem is that, before another teacher came to tell us, we didn’t know if it was just that a power line broke or if there was some psycho coming to kill us! Cause the first thing you do when you wanna murder some body is shut off all the power there for shutting off communication! How do I know this? Cause it was what the teacher said when she was trying to keep us quiet. NO!!!! Power’s back! POOP!!!

Yeah. That was what I wrote at school today. I was going to day an all day post about what we were doing and what if the bathroom lights were on and stuff lie that. If only the stinkin power hadn’t come back on! I could have had an awesome post going here! Well I’m going to go fume in peace. See ya!

was it this?

or this?