I love storms. Thunder storms, blizzards, you name it! Today after school hail was coming down like crazy!!! I’ve never seen hail that big! We get a lot of snow but not a lot of hail. It was so exciting! I running around like a maniac trying to catch it on my tongue! I must have looked like a crazy person! But being thought of as a little bit of a crazy person is alright with me if I get to see hail the size of… um… the thickness of a candle wick? I know that’s not a very good description but it’s all I can think of! Now it’s just snowing. There’s the prediction of a snow day tomorrow. That would be great because there’s a sub in one of my classes tomorrow that I don’t really like. She was there today too. And she’s subbing for one of my favorite teachers! Well I guess that’s it. I’ll post tomorrow on if it was a snow day or not. See ya!