My friend Rob’s grandmother passed away yesterday. I just wanted to do a post saying how wonderful a person she was. I only met her once but in the hour or two I spent with her I felt she was an amazing person. She immigrated to the US from the Middle East at age nine and then later in life she even learned to fly a plane! And when she was a pilot it was still in the era that women weren’t appreciated as much as men. I am only learning these facts after she has passed on. I know everyone must cross the Rainbow Bridge eventually but I really wish I had gotten to know her better and had heard these things about her life from her. I bet she had some wonderful stories to tell. My mom spent some time with her in the hospital and said that she passed peacefully and surrounded by friends and family. I’m sorry this post has beed kinda dark. I just wanted to give a tribute to her. R.I.P Ruth Ann Shields. See ya.