I’m in the air! I hope I can post this while I’m in the plane. We’re in the mesosphere so it should be ok for me to use wifi. I know, I’m such a nerd. The sky is absolutely AMAZING up here! On the ground it was all cloudy and gross (even though I kinda like clouds.) up here, at 30,000 feet, we have white fluffy clouds below us and blue, oh-so-blue sky above us! It’s like we’re on our way to heaven! Well, on our way to heaven in a big, diesel guzzling, stinky, loud (must I go on?) monster. I think I’ve had to yawn 10 times in the last 5 mins just to relive the pressure in my ears! Wow. I’m looking out over the horizon and the only colors I see are blue and white. Beautiful. I’ll take a pic. My mom bought us mini blueberry muffins and they came in a little plastic container, you know, the kind with the texture of cellophane, well now due to the pressure difference the little container is blown up like a balloon! This is really fun, posting from sitting in the sky. How many of you have flown before? I usually hate flying but this isn’t so bad. I’m sitting here at 30,000 (I can’t stress that enough can I?) listening to Britt Nicole (YOU GO BRITT!) and posting. What could be be better? Well ok, so I can think of some things. But not many! I’m just gonna sit here for a while and stare at the view. I’ll probably post a little later in the flight. For some reason the pic isn’t uploading so I’ll post that once we get on the ground. See ya!