Me mom went to Washington DC this weekend! It was really fun! I got to see one of my best friends from years ago! What stinks is that we only got to talk and see each other for maybe 8 hours. I was kinda hoping to spend the whole week end with her! We did some other fun stuff too. We went to the natural history museum for the umpteenth time and saw an IMAX movie about butterflies! It was so COOL! We saw it in 3D and the IMAX screen is literally 60 by 90 feet or something crazy like that! The 3D was so good that even though I felt kinda stupid I couldn’t help but reach out and try to tough the butterflies! My arms just lifted them selves and tried to grab one! We also went to one of her friend’s house he’s do all kinds of renovations on it so we got to see that. He was joking that everything has a name when your shopping for toilets and stuff like that! The toilets he bought were named Santarosa! You know, like the city in California! So now when he’s going to the bathroom he can say “I’m gonna go to Santarosa, be right back!” it would be hilarious! Poor Santarosans or what ever the people who live there are called! We also went to see the apartment that we used to live in! My mom rents it out to a couple. What sucks is that they’ve put a bunch of nails into the wall and on top of that they never pay the rent on time! I really like what they’ve done with the apartment though. They have some pretty nice decor. I think that kinda sums up our trip. See ya!