I just hate how scientists do experiments on animals! If it’s not gonna be used for the animals don’t test it on the animals! Who said you had the right to play god? “Oh, but it’s for the good of human kind!” say the researchers. What about the good of Guinea Pig kind or rat kind or rabbit kind or monkey kind or all the other animals? Did you ask these living, feeling beings if you can stab them with needles five times a day and give them cancer? If your gonna test on someone test on someone that will actually benefit! Ever think about that? They say that the animals are treated nicely and given good homes, but even if they were would that justify what humans do to them? In China they are doing expirements on mice, messing with thier DNA and giving them every mental an physical problem imaginable. The animals have no idea why we are killing them and honestly I have no idea why either. We are giving them diseases then poking them and proding them then finally when they die of what ever virus they have, we dissect them. Just to see what happens. To satisfy our curiosity. Sure, we say we do this to find drugs for humans and we are, but we really doing it to see what is does to their innocent little bodies. Think about it. See ya.