yesterday I was innocently munching on a cookie and I felt a crack! That crack was another tooth breaking! This time a large shaving came off but was just hanging there! Yeah, I guess that’s the best way to describe it, shaving. I called my mom from the school nurse’s phone and she made an appointment with the dentist. Right after school we went to the dentist and they had to pull it. I was practically in tears when we walked in! I guess I don’t like them sticking needles in my mouth and then breaking my teeth off! If you’ve never had a tooth pulled here’s how it goes: Step 1, They stick a needle in your mouth to numb you. Step 2, they literally break your tooth off! Everyone says the numbing is the worst part with is partly true cause it hurts the most but I hate it when they break you tooth off! It feels so weird! I’m also afraid that the novicane won’t work. My mom’s immune to it and I’m always afraid that I’m gonna grow into that immunity. After they pulled my tooth I went to fun night. See post Fun Night. I guess that’s it. I’ll spare you all the gory details. See ya!