Me and my mom are trading rooms in our apartment and I’m getting a loft in my new room! It was totally her idea. I can’t wait! We went to Ikea and picked it out. I’m gonna have a couch and a bookshelf underneath the bed! It’s gonna be so COOL! Ikea is the best store for home renovation and stuff like that. We picked out an awesome loft and are gonna go back to get the couch and bookshelf. We also got a swingy storage thing with tons of little compartments! And a light to put above the bed. The box for the bed didn’t fit in our car so our friend’s going to pick it up in his truck. Ikea is so AWESOME! They have everything! I can’t wait to go back. Ikea is also Swedish which just makes it all the more cool cause I’m part Swedish! And the kids play area is called smöland (pronounced small land) which is where my great great grandfather was born! Here are some pics.

this is the bed I’m getting. Just with out the desk underneath.

The Ikea logo.