I’m not blaming this in anyway on the rats. Last night I was cleaning their cage and we ran out of littler. Their litter is little corn pellets that I put in their litter tray. When they pee in it turns to dust. Anyway, I stupidly squeezed the bag to make it more compact for the trash can and all the dust that had been previously (it’s like the stuff at the bottom of the fruit loops bag. It’s just there.) went all up into my face and eyes! I spent the next two hours (With much help from dad) trying to get a little piece out of my right eye! Dad thinks may have I scratched the eye because we can’t see anything inside it and we spent two hours last night trying to get it out! Right now there’s a small waterfall coming from my right eye and nothing from my left! And I have to stay home from school! I had band stuff to clarify with katiekat and camillion! And it’s the first day of swimming which, believe it or not, I actually wanted to go! Oh great, now there’s a freakin plant growing inside of my grapefruit!! Best day ever. Yeah that’s what I keep telling my self as the skin under my eye prunes from all the tears! I’m going back to bed. See ya.