Hey, Hey, Blog Readers!!! How ya doin? Guess where I am! NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!! We came to see my Oma (grandma). Her place is fantastic! She’s got an art studio downstairs and even a terrace thing with an enclosed garden at the bottom! Here’s a pic.


So far it’s been great! Everybody’s pretty nice. The only bad things I’ve noticed so far are: ads all over the place and lots of smoking. I guess no one told them what it does to you! That’s pretty good over all I think! My apologies katiekat, I didn’t know. But you know how stories can be. Me my mom and Oma had lunch at a little restaurant. I got a chicken parmesan sandwich (I’m not vegetarian anymore but I’ll post about that later). On the side of the building some one graffitied “Harlem Shake”! It’s really cool. I’ll post a pic later. You all know what the Harlem Shake is right? If not, it’s where there’s one guy dancing in a crowded area but no one is paying attention to him then after 15 sec everyone stars dancing in crazy costumes! It’s hilarious! I’ll post more later. See ya!