This is a really cool place. We’re planning on going to Madam Tuesods some time later today. Then of course the Empire State Building! Yesterday me and mom went shopping! I could only find one measly, little shirt though. I want to get bags and bags of stuff! I thought that was what New York was all about!!! Lol. Every one dresses much different from where I live. There’s so much stuff here that I want to do but so little time!!! I really want to see Central Park and Time Square and all sorts of other things!!!! We have to leave on monday :(. I’m gonna try to sneak in some more shopping ;)! We also went to a little art museum. There was a dark room with spiraling word on projected on the wall that said things like “Sorrows protected by the skin”. And then random numbers. I guess that’s it for now but I’ll post more later!! See ya!