Yesterday we saw The Empire State Building, Times Square and the Riply’s believe it or not museum! When we were walking down the street to get in line for the Empire State Building a assistant came and stared telling us about the different tickets to get up to the top. She said there was a regular ticket, and a fast-track ticket. She said that we would skip 5 different lines if we did the fast-track ticket! So, even though it was really expensive, we did the fast-track. Well it turns out that we she gave us the skyride combo ticket (sorry if this confusing you guys, I don’t really get it either! 🙂 )! So we had to go in 5 ADDITIONAL lines!!!!!!! The skyride was pretty fun though. It was were we sat down in a movie theater type thing then we held a bar to our lap then they started playing a video like we were taking a helicopter tour through NYC! They even moved out seats to go along with how the helicopter moved and turned! We finally got to go to the top and, of course, had to go through the same 5 lines she said we would skip if we got the “fast-track” ticket! When we finally got to the top it was so cool!!!!! Here’s a pic.


Then we came back to earth and had lunch at a kinda-nice restaurant. I just had pasta. After that we went to Times Square! There were so many people!!!! My mom saw this and thought she just had to take a pic. Here it is.

I didn’t know that those tv screen billboards were actually used!! We walked through Times Square and went to the Riply’s believe it or not. It was amazing!! I didn’t know there were so many bearded ladies!!! I guess that’s kinda it. Thanks for reading!! I’ll most more about NY later!! BTW here’s the Harlem Shake graffiti pic!

See ya! 😉