Let me start from the beginning, about a month ago I saw a rat at the pet store near my house that was all alone in her cage. I held her and petted her but she was terrified of humans! I was kinda worried about her so I said that if she was still there in a week i would get her. A week went by and she disappeared! “Yay!” I thought! She’ll get more attention from her new home, hopefully, than she probably would if she were with me! (considering I have so many rats!) Well guess what? She’s back. I don’t know what happened all I know is that she’s now really sweet and friendly! I’m really worried about her! She seems so nice! But I can see reasons to get her and reasons not to! The reasons to get her are: she deserves a home, she’s really sweet, she could be a good member of my mischief. Reasons not to are: she may not be able to socialize with other rats due to being alone for so long, and six rats might be too many. Is six rats too many? I need comments! Please, please please!! To adopt or not to adopt? COMMENT!!!! See ya.