Yesterday I hung out with my mom’s friend all day. It was really fun!! We looked at some of the houses he renovating then selling then we just goofed off for the rest of the day!! We even went to a trampoline park! It was fantastic! The whole thing seemed to be focused toward trampoline dodgeball for some reason! More people want to just jump and do tricks than dodgeball! The trampolines are cool though. I don’t mean to brag but I learned to do flips!!! I can even land on my butt after doing one! LOL! We did the Mosh pit too. It’s where there is a big pit of soft foam blocks with a trampoline leading to the edge. You jump from the trampoline into the pit! I usually do a flip but mom’s friend is teaching me to do a flip-twist. TRAMPOLINES ARE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! And on that note… See ya!

That’s the trampoline park.

And the Mosh Pit! (plus some kid off the internet.)