Yesterday I just hung out with my friend all day. It was AWESOME!! First we made cupcakes, making a total mess of her kitchen in the process. We had tons of fun. I even got cupcake mix in my hair! Lol! After we baked them we went roller skating. It was fun when we weren’t on our butts! One of the times we fell (yes, ONE of the times) I literally screamed my butt hurt so bad! Trust me I never scream. I may squeak a little if someone startles me or something but I never ever scream. I then humiliated my self further by crawling over to the rink exit! I had to sit down and bite my hand to keep from whimpering! My poor tailbone!! I managed to skate again afterward but my butt hurt soooo bad. It still hurts! I think I must have bruised the bone pretty bad. I used in-line skates for the first time. They were a lot like ice skates! after we got back from roller skating me and my mom went back to ikea picked out an AMAZINGLY AWESOME comforter cover!! I’ll post a pic later. My room isn’t finished. After that we went to a restaurant and had a pretty good dinner. Over all I’d say I had a pretty good day! Wouldn’t you? I think that’s it. See ya!