This morning I was looking at my music on my iPad and everything was normal. Now, 2 mins ago, I was downloading and album off iTunes and I looked at my songs, they’re now organized alphabetically but with little headings of letters! You know, It labels the As then a little line and then it labels the Bs. This morning they were alphabetically but without the little headings! I’m not by any means complaining, I like it better! It just seems a little creepy because I don’t know how that happened with out me updating my software or anything! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given that companies can email you with ads based on your google search history! Yeah, People, that’s how you get all those ads junking up your email! Sometimes it’s good when your computer keeps track of your preferences but sometimes it’s just plain creepy! Especially when you don’t tell it to do that! Not that you ever can set your preference on that! Lol. I’m off on a tangent now. See ya!