I just finished the most amazing book of all time. It’s called Shadow and Bone. It’s about a world in which magical animals and people exist. These, I guess you would call them witches, are called Grishas. Funny thing is that Grisha actually means Greg (like the name) in russian! I don’t think the author was planning on someone who knows a little russian to be reading it! But Grisha does sound cool so I can see why she chose it as a name for the most powerful beings in the world. Back to the book. The main character is a girl named Alina. She’s just a normal girl, not a Grisha or anything, but she was an orphan. At her orphanage she meets a boy who’s name is russian (i can’t remember how it’s spelled) his name is long so they just call him Mal. They become best friends and the book is mainly about her and finding that she is a Grisha, and a very powerful one at that, and her struggles with her power and what she wants to use it for. The Darkling (another very powerful Grisha) tells her that if hey combine their powers they can rid the world of an expanse of darkness called the Shadow Fold. When ever people try to cross it (they have to so they can get stuff from the other side) lives are lost to the Volkra. The Volkra are huge bat like things that like to eat humans and Grishas. Anyway the Darkling wants her to help him get rid of it and I don’t want to spoil the book so I will try to stop talking about it now. She had to decide whether she wants to use her power for the good of the people or for her and the Darkling’s own power and control.

I am ashamed to admit it but I haven’t read all the way trough a novel in I don’t know how long. I’ve had school work and blogging (yeah! it’s all your fault! just kidding.) and other electronic stuff. I know I’m a horrible person for not being able to sit down and read for a bit but I’m a busy girl! I was amazed by the (I’m going to be cheesy and call it power) power the book had! The author was able to make you go from not-liking a character to liking them to not-liking them again! Usually I make a decision about who I like and don’t like in a book and stick to it but this was different. I was up tossing and turning last night for almost an hour after finishing the book just thinking and mulling it over in my head. The way the author could play with your emotions! I want to become a writer some day but I can never get around to sitting down and finishing a novel. I love fiction. I just love being able to escape into another world for an hour maybe an day or two! Not worrying about what’s happening in real life. Just worrying about weather So-and-so is going to fall in love with So-and-so or if they will make it to wherever they’re going in time. My heart was literally pounding in my chest during almost the whole second half of the the book! I want to be able to sweep people away to a land of mystery and adventure. There worries about work and school forgotten. Words are able to do that like nothing else. When watching a movie your still aware of the room around, you the couch or chair beneath you, the light flashing on the tv screen. When your reading a book your just absorbed into it. Nothing else matters. I think it’s something about having to process the letters into words. It’s still magical. Things can be dramatized in books the can never be in reality. Everybody says their sick of the drama between them and their friends and everything but I think that everybody wants a little drama. Just to make life interesting. I just thought I should share this little burst of inspiration with your guys. I’ll try to get around to finishing one of those novels sooner or later! See ya.