I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been looking at books on iBooks. There are so many good ones! And they are all in the same place. Just makes everything better. I bought the first five chapters to Siege and Storm (the next in the shadow and bone series) and now I can’t stop downloading samples and buying books! I love fantasy. A different world to escape to. Realistic fiction just seems to add to your problems because you know that it could really happen. I’m also working on my novels more :-). I actually am writing a realistic fiction novel right now but I keep having the urge to make a fairy pop out of nowhere or one of the characters show up riding a unicorn or something. Lol. Why does life have to be so dull all the time? Why can’t a freakin fairy pop out of nowhere or someone ride a unicorn? I like to write because I have all the power. I hate it when a character does or says something when you want them to say or do something else! Now I have all the power and can make them do what ever I want! MWAHAHAHA!!!! Well back to writing! Or reading. I don’t know which!