Yesterday me and mom thought we’d give Baby a little bit of free range time. Anyway she was running around just fine until about 8:00 when she just disappeared we searched the whole house several times! We both were distraught when we couldn’t find her anywhere. So we set out some food for her and watched a little bit of Netflix. After the movie she still was nowhere to be found! This morning when we woke up I searched the house again and told mom that I still couldn’t find her. So me and mom started going over what we knew:
She’s in the house. No doors or windows open.
She’s most likely healthy. She can go days without food.
As my mom was showing me an example of where she could be… WE FOUND HER!!!! She was behind one of my mom’s huge bookshelves. We had to take a ton of the books out to get to her but we got her and now she’s sitting happily in her cage basking away.