OMG!!! Remember that post I did about the new Kush temple being excavated and how amazingly awesome it all is? Well guess what!! The director of the excavation site came to my school to talk all about what he’s been finding!!! Man, is it good to have blogs and friends who can make things happen! Apparently in the temple the Kush dug tunnels to rooms under ground! They had stone beams and pillars holding everything up. The team excavating it had to be really careful because the ceiling of the underground chambers could collapse any minute! They’re planning on re-enforcing it so it won’t fall on them next season. He was also talking about how they were able to build pyramids better than the Egyptians! There’s one pyramid right by the temple that no one has ever been inside (with in the last thousand or so years) so they might be excavating that as well. Why has it not been excavated you ask? Because once people dug down to the doors of the chamber, they found a huge crack going all the way up to the surface and it’s really dangerous. I don’t want to spoil it too much because national geographic might be doing a movie on it but I hope you guys found it interesting! See ya!