I used to think I wanted to be a vet. The problem is that the animals never seem to like the vet. Your always either poking and prodding them or giving them shots or, in the worst cases, killing them. Tomorrow, both Sierra and Lizzy are going to be euthanized. I do not think they are leading happy lives at this point. Sierra is lethargic and has difficulty breathing due to her advanced cancer. God, do I sound formal. I’m making this post much darker than it needs to be! Anyway, she’s always starving because, in effect, she’s feeding an ever-growing tumor. It’s almost half her size now. The same thing with Lizzy. Only her’s gives her much more difficulty walking and, I believe, has made her lose control of her bladder. She can’t “hold it” anymore. The poor baby. I’ll post more tomorrow. I just thought you guys should know. See ya.