That was awesome!!! I wasn’t sure what to do at first but then my science teacher came to the cafeteria (where all the volunteers were supposed to be) and he told me to go to his class and put down all the chairs and clean up the room. I asked him if any of the other volunteers were helping him too and he said he chose ME out of all the kids who asked him! I was so happy!! The 5th graders were really cool too. One of them got a bloody nose so I took him to almost every bathroom in the school (ok only two but still) until I finally took him to the office. It eventually stopped bleeding and I took him to the next class he was supposed to see. I got to lead my science teacher’s group to some of the classes. I made sure to tell them how awesome the school is! And how you get used to your locker and everything within the first few days. I’m so glad I volunteered. Too bad some my friends couldn’t come *cough*katiekat522*cough*. I hope we can do it next year too! See ya.