I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’ve just been really… uh… I won’t lie, I’ve been really lazy.
I just thought this was a special enough event that it deserved a blog. The 5th graders from almost all the elementary schools around the district come once a year to get a tour of my school to see where they will be going next year. And every year 6th graders get to sign up to lead them around in their tour. I thought it would be fun so I signed up! Every body else won’t be at school because the teachers need to show the little kids their class. It will be so fun! What only stinks is that only one of my friends is going and I don’t even know if we’ll lead the same group. We’re just supposed to take them to every class and show them how awesome my school is though how awesome we are. And WE GET PIZZA AFTER!!! lol. It’s gonna be great.