We got back home last Saturday and we’ve been really busy so that’s why I didn’t post (see post “I am SO SO Sorry”). The park was AWESOME!!!!!!! We went on the Gatekeeper first. Not first in line, just first out of the rides we went on. The wait was literally 4 hours! 4 freakin hours. Once we got up there and on the ride it was AMAZING! There were tons of loops and curves and upside down parts! First you go up a big hill then they drop you, yeah, drop you, upside down and into a loop! then there are more loops and upside downness. After that we decided to go on The Mantis. I think that was my favorite ride. (Probably because I had my eyes closed a lot on the Gatekeeper and not on the Mantis. But don’t tell anyone 😉 ) For the Mantis you rode standing but they strapped you in really good and everything so there was nothing to worry about. There were a lot of loops and stuff on that one two but for some reason it wasn’t as high or scary so I wasn’t thinking as much about falling off as I was thinking about how cool it was!