After you read this I bet you all will be like “Holy crap! I can’t believe she just said that!” Well I did. Here it goes.
I really want to end world suffering for two main reasons. One, no one deserves to suffer. Two, pitying people is hard! I’m going to mostly talk about the second one. I don’t mean hard as in it being hard to do, I mean hard as in you can’t help but feel bad for people and when you do it’s really taxing! I can’t help but feel really really horrible when I see even a hobo on the street. I feel like if I have all this nice stuff they should have it all too! All that pity really brings me down, you know? Why can’t everyone have all the same stuff so that nobody has to feel bad about having more. I know that’s really selfish but what can I say? Suffering is depressing for everybody.
I just had to get that out of my system. See ya! 😉