I don’t remember if I told you guys but last fall I went to Miejer Gardens in Grand Rapids. I was on a completely still train/tram thing that was supposed to take us around the park (sculpture park). I (being as dumb as can be) managed to tuck myself into my gigantic sweatshirt with my legs all curled up inside and I was all cozy on my tram seat next to katiekat522 when I somehow lost my balance and fell hard on the tram floor. On my face.
Looking back it seems quite embarrassing and hilarious but I assure you that’s not how it felt then! When I opened my eyes I swear there was literally a pool of blood where my mouth had been. I think I asked for help but my mom was already there helping me up and checking my wounds. All the tram driver could find in the way of a bandage was a dirty old rag that I’m pretty sure he cleaned the tram with that very morning! (I bet this could pass for fiction!) I put it on my bleeding mouth anyway. My mom then told the bus driver that she thought I needed stitches. She and katiekat522 (who was pale as a sheet btw) and katiekat522’s mom lead me off the tram as I dripped tears and blood all over everything. I’m sure I was quite a sight!
Full credit to my mom for this part: we walked quickly through the indoor part of the park and found a main desk, my mom found a staff person and used her urgent-must-happen-now voice that always gets things done to get the staff lady to point us in the direction of an emergency clinic. We drove the 5 miles and once we were there mom got us in line.
The lady ahead of us I think had something wrong with her eye (pink eye or something) and a boisterous kid running around but she took one look at the bunch of us and let us go ahead.
We walked into a white room and nurse looked at my mouth then put us in a different room where another nurse came in and laid me down on a table and put a greenish-blueish paper thing over my face. Then she numbed me and preceded to give me 2 stitches. She was very good at her job (I didn’t feel a thing) and she said there would be no scar but I’m not sure anyone could have stitched me up without leaving a scar. Anyway I have an X-shaped scar on the inside of my lower lip where my two front teeth practically took a bite out of me.
Now, Why am I telling you all this? Because I’m going back this weekend! Despite my mishap last time I can’t wait to go back! It’s really late so I think I’ll end this post here. I don’t think I’ll be posting while I’m there because I doubt I’ll take my iPad but I’ll post more when I get back! I hope you enjoyed my story! See ya!