Kira, my baby, is no longer with us. Bless her soul. She died a little less than a month ago. I just haven’t been able to do this until now.
When I first adopted her she was terrified of anybody. I could hardly catch her to hold her. When she was about 6 months She started going bald on her front arms. I didn’t think much of it but I started getting worried when they didn’t get any better. The vet said that she was to stressed from the other ratties picking on her. By then both Sierra’s and Lizzie’s cancer was pretty far along so I got Angel and Iris. They didn’t get along well with Liz so I put them in the big cage with Kira and put LizzieBear and Sierra in the smaller one. They stayed like that for a while before I was able to put them all back together. Not long after that I had to put Sierra and Lizzie down. Kira, Iris and Angel were as happy as can be when Kira’s lung problems started up again. Not long after that she passed.
She was a wonderful rat. I spent all my free time with her in my lap when things got grim. She usually fell asleep. All her fear disappeared. She looked so peaceful. One night she just stopped breathing. After about ten minutes her heart stopped. She died in my arms and I swear to god that if I didn’t know any better I would have said she was still asleep. I guess she was. Just a different kind of sleep. I buried her next to Liz and Sierra.
RIP, Baby. I love you. May you never be afraid again.