Me and my family have a beach house on the shore of Lake Michigan. I brought Katiekat522 this year and we have been having the best time!!! Yesterday we went to a tiny amusement park and did go carts and bumper cars and went to the arcade. We were both doing really well ticket wise and I was about to play this basketball game. I was right behind this girl. She looked about 16 or 17. She was also really pretty. I walked up to the game when she was done and she immediately stopped walking to her next game and showed me how to work the basketball thingy. After that Katiekat522 got the jack pot on a game and we both went to count our tickets. Suddenly the girl comes up from behind us and gives all her tickets!!! It was about 140!! We thanked her when she was already walking off. It didn’t seem like she wanted a “thank you” or anything. Just to give us her tickets. I know they were just arcade tickets but that kind of generosity isn’t something you see everyday. It just really touched me.