About a week ago I went to Seattle! I have a lot of family there. Two of my uncles and two of my aunts and five cousins! We had the best time!! The first night we played Cards Against Humanity which I’m not even going to get into explaining. That was the only night that the whole family was together cause one cousin had to leave that night and another had to leave in the morning. They also showed me the first episode of Firefly! It’s a great show.
The first full day there I went to a place called plato’s closet. That was fun. It’s a store sells the things other people have brought in but they only take the nicest stuff so it’s all close to brand new! I really recommend it.
The next day we went to a waterfall (I don’t remember the name of it) that my aunt said was as tall as Niagara Falls. That was really amazing to see. The aunt and uncle we were staying with are both wonderful cooks and, with the help of my cousin, made the most wonderful meals!
The third day we spent hiking Tiger Mountain. That was really fun. When we got to the top we could see para sailors gliding around. And the forest we hiked through was beautiful! Green and mossy, and amazing.
The forth day we went to pikes place market. I got a really awesome purse/bag type, a Sherlock magnet and a really awesome shirt. I love that place. The little stalls with their owners right there, ready to help.
On the fifth day my youngest cousin took us to the barn she’s volunteering at. The horses there are trained to help people with disabilities. If a person has weak core muscles and can’t even sit up on their own and then they ride a horse they will build their core and suddenly be able to sit up on their own!! How amazing is that?! That evening me and the cousin that works at the barn went to a concert at the local park. We got to kinda catch up and listen to the music. It was great.
The day after that we had to leave and fly back home. I recommend seattle to anybody. It was really awesome!!