So…. last night I was sound asleep, probably dreaming or something, when out of nowhere I heard something fall right by my right shoulder. My bed is kinda in a corner so my right shoulder is kinda up against a wall and on that wall I have a poster of all the snakes of my state. Well in the middle of the night this poster decides to fall and it freaked me out. I kinda curled into a little ball and I was thinking stuff like “what the crap was that?” “is it out to get me?” “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” I even turned over and didn’t notice that a whole poster that had been on the wall was now in my bed. Now, waking up and realizing what happened, I can’t help but laugh at myself. Maybe I was just tired. Lol. Where there’s my strange-falling-poster-nightinme story for ya. Hope you enjoyed!