Hey, Guys!!! There have been some serious developments in the world of my rat pack! First of all, I may have mentioned her at some point, but there are a few new additions to the group. The first being Gypsy. I’ve had her for a while I just haven’t found the time to post about her. She’s a big albino squish rat with a little brown on her ears, nose, and the base of her tail (I know, not strictly albino). The other two newbies I’ll get to later. First of all, Iris has passed. She had cancer and a respiratory disease. This is why we got the first of the two new comers. Her name is Bailey. She is a brown berkshire (another term for the kind of markings on a rat, meaning one color except for a little white pattern on her belly). We got her while Iris was still alive so that she could have some time to settle in. We had no idea that Iris would pass just days after adopting Bailey. We thought everything was fine andy dandy until out of the blue Iris got extremely sick and died thursday morning. Angel, out of all of them, was grieving the hardest. Or at least that’s what we thought. She too got very sick and we took her to the vet immediately. the vet told us that she had a respiratory disease that causes hard nodules in the lungs that can bust open and release a flood of bacteria in times of stress (like a cage mate dying). She was prescribed with three meds and one precautionary one for the other two. Later that night we tried to give her a treat but she leapt up my dad’s arm instead of taking it. And she stayed there until my dad had to put her back in the cage. Later that night she died. And yesterday was the day that we got the third new rat. her name is Atlas and she is a black hooded (again, a term for markings). That’s pretty much all of it. See you later.


A little bit of spring for everybody!!!