Quick story for you! I was at an Asian store in my neighborhood this morning and I was looking for some liquid soap. You know, the kind that you can pour into soap bottles with pumps? So I walk up to a woman (she was also Asian if you were wondering) stacking fruit and ask her “Where would I find liquid soap?” She looked at me and said something in Chinese (I don’t know for sure that it was Chinese) and then lead me over to a man who was ringing items up for another customer. So I asked him “Do you know where I would find liquid soap?”
“Liquid soap?” He said, clearly not understanding. “Yeah. Liquid soap.” I said. He said something in Chinese to the other employe and she lead me over to a back room muttering “manager” in English. A tall middle-aged woman walked out and asked if she oculd help me, IN ENGLISH!! I then asked her about liquid soap and even she wasn’t sure what it it was and we had to exchange a serries of hand gestures until she knew what I was talking about. Once she figured it out she pointed me to the back of the store. I did find what I was looking for so that was good. I just thought that this was an interesting thing to find in a predominantly English speaking neighborhood. So there you have it! My interesting story for the day!