For lunch today me and my dad took a trip down to whole foods. And for my drink I chose a bottle of iced tea (don’t worry. I’m going somewhere with this). After I finished the tea I looked at the bottle and thought “you know what? This is a really nice bottle.” But I left it at that. Later in the evening we watched The Book Thief (in movie form) it was fanomanal by the way, but on with the bottle story. I’m not quite sure what it was about the movie. Maybe something about how back then (the movie was set during ww2) you could lose everything so fast so u better appreciate the little things while you had them or something. I dont know. Anyway I looked at the bottle again and the idea struck me to write down little things that I appreciate in life and fold them up and put them in the bottle. I even made a new label that says “All The Little Things” in fancy letters. I have yet to glue/tape it on though. Don’t rush me. Maybe I’ll post a pic later. Big maybe. You know how lazy I’ve been when it comes to posting. I just haven’t been able to get those creative juices flowing if u know what I mean. That’s it. See ya.