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This morning I was looking at my music on my iPad and everything was normal. Now, 2 mins ago, I was downloading and album off iTunes and I looked at my songs, they’re now organized alphabetically but with little headings of letters! You know, It labels the As then a little line and then it labels the Bs. This morning they were alphabetically but without the little headings! I’m not by any means complaining, I like it better! It just seems a little creepy because I don’t know how that happened with out me updating my software or anything! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given that companies can email you with ads based on your google search history! Yeah, People, that’s how you get all those ads junking up your email! Sometimes it’s good when your computer keeps track of your preferences but sometimes it’s just plain creepy! Especially when you don’t tell it to do that! Not that you ever can set your preference on that! Lol. I’m off on a tangent now. See ya!


Some stuff I drew!

Here’s some stuff I drew with a new app I found called Paper 53! I really like the app. I’m usually not good at drawing on the iPad but I think some of the stuff I’ve done is pretty good! It really brings out your creative side. Humans need to create! It’s that simple! I never really realized until I got the app! I’ve got all this pent up creative energy! I need to let loose, man! Well here are the pics. I hope you like them!



This one is supposed to be a lion roaring. I just couldn’t get the mane right! See ya!

Wacked out iPad!

To invert the colors on your ipad, ipod or iphone follow these simple steps.
1) go into settings
2) go into general
3) go into accessibility
4) invert colors

Here are some pics of when I inverted the colors.





I think I like dragonvale better this way! lol! See ya!

Dang Pocket God!

I have this (used to be) great game called pocket god. It’s where you have you own tribe of pygmies and your they’re god. So you can mess with they’re minds and kill them and make them dance and all this other cool stuff you can do with a pygmy tribe. You can also complete challenges to get idols which you then use to battle and beat other gods. Well I got almost all the idols (including Apocalypse Ow which has literally 75 challenges in it!) I just realized that the app totally wiped it’s self! I’m so PISSED! I deleted the app and I’m gonna try to get them all again and hopefully it wont wipe it’s self. Wish me luck!



What I find amazing is just how far technology has come in a couple of years! 4 years ago there were no iPhones or really anything remotely like them! Now we have the iPhone 5th generation! Take this app for instance. a little over a year ago Temple Run came out. Everyone thought it was the best, most high tech game of the year! Now Temple Run 2 has come out and everyone thinks it’s the best when something better is probably going to come out next year! here are two pics of Temple Run and Temple Run 2.

Temple Run

Temple Run 2


An awesome app I found is called iMovie! You make your own movies and trailers! It’s awesome! When I get my rat video on YouTube just know it was made with iMovie! Can’t wait till I get an account! Bye!

paper dragon pic



Yay! I got the paper dragon! I’ve wanted it for a while now. So happy!

Now I really got it!

Yay! I finally got a bluemoon dragon! And I know for sure cause its in the breeding den. So excited! Here’s a pic of one!


Gift dragon!

Get the gift dragon! It’s free! And unbreedable! (I know that’s not a word but screw it!) it’s awesome! GET THE GIFT DRAGON!!!!!!!


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