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Finally another post to put in my cooking category!! When I was at my friend, Katiekat522’s, house we (me, her and her mom) made quiche! It’s was sooooooo good!! We put in ham and cheddar cheese (and eggs, but kiesh always needs eggs). The crust was the hardest part by far. It kept braking and crumbling. When we finally got it right it looked amazing! Being the generous family that they are, katiekat and her fam sent me home with the quiche. So just thought I’d share that with you guys. Here’s a pic of our gorgeous quichey goodness.

It was glorious.


Strawberry Short Cake!!

Yay!! My mom bought strawberry short cake! I love that stuff! You put the strawberries on top then you eat it… mmmmmmm. We used to get it all the time when we lived in DC! I haven’t had it in years! just wondering, but how do you get this


From this?

That’s all I ask. How do you get that freaky, little cartoon from a nice, sweet dessert? That’s it. See ya!

Bubble Tea

Today me and my friend got bubble tea at a café and it was really good! We both got peach with pink bubbles. My friend tried a taro one but she didn’t like it. The bubbles were actually pretty good. They’re little tapioca balls! They’re kinda slimy but they’re good! And they had HUGE straws to fit the bubbles up. (otherwise they would get stuck in your straw and that’s not good.) Well I guess that’s it. See ya!

Bubble Tea!


I bought some cookie dough from the store and I made like for cookies. Any way I gave a couple to my dad and he has this story about one of his room mates in collage who didn’t know what T.V dinners are! And the room mate would come home every night and found my dad eating this awesome meal and there were no dirty dishes or anything! So his room mate would go around the room whispering “such good cook. such good cook.” My dad finally had to tell him what they were and his room mate wasn’t so impressed. At least my dad told him right? Well back to the topic of cookies, when I brought my dad some he started whispering “such good cook. such good cook.” we both started cracking up! Well that was my funny cookie story.

So when my grandma was in a nursing home my dad and uncles and aunt went to see her one day. In the car my Aunt asked if anyone in the car remembered the recipe for chicken that they used to make at their cottage. All my uncles and aunt are really big cooks (except for my dad) and no one said they remembered. Except for dad! (the non-cook) Everyone in the car started laughing their butts off because no one thought dad would remember! When they got to the nursing home they told my grandma about it and even she cracked up! (she wasn’t doing to good then) Hope you liked my cooking story! (#2)


Me and my mom have this delicious dish that we make called Queijadas. Special thanks to aunt Louise! They’re like little custard thingys but better! and you don’t need to eat them in a cup! The out side is crunchy and the inside is sweet! MMMMMMM! Here are some pics!



I think they’er portuguese.

Recipe: 2 c. milk 1 1/2 c. sugar
3 T butter 3/4 c. flour
1 T vanilla 3 eggs

heat milk, butter and vanilla to scalding. Beat sugar, flour and eggs ’til smooth. gradually poor milk mixture into the egg mixture constantly stirring with a wire whisk ’til smooth. fill greased muffin pan. (only fill the muffin things half full) Bake at 350 for 20-25 mins ’til lightly golden. Let cool for five mins then run a knife around each one to un-stick it. And a whole recipe fill one a=of our muffin pans so we me make the rest in a flat one so it turns out kinda like a big pancake. Hope you guys like them as much as I do! And again a special thanks to Aunt Louise for the recipe!


Quinoa is a grain kinda like couscous just with a little more natural flavor. I love the way my mom makes it! And tonight i tried to make it my self. I boiled a cup of water then poured in half a cup of quinoa. i let it cook with the cover on the pot, the stove was set on low for the cooking part, for about 15 mins. it turned out alright! Not as good as mom’s but good! I think it needs salt but that’s just me. And the brand I used is trūRoots. Happy cooking!

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