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Strange things in the dark.

So…. last night I was sound asleep, probably dreaming or something, when out of nowhere I heard something fall right by my right shoulder. My bed is kinda in a corner so my right shoulder is kinda up against a wall and on that wall I have a poster of all the snakes of my state. Well in the middle of the night this poster decides to fall and it freaked me out. I kinda curled into a little ball and I was thinking stuff like “what the crap was that?” “is it out to get me?” “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” I even turned over and didn’t notice that a whole poster that had been on the wall was now in my bed. Now, waking up and realizing what happened, I can’t help but laugh at myself. Maybe I was just tired. Lol. Where there’s my strange-falling-poster-nightinme story for ya. Hope you enjoyed!



I cannot freaking wait for school to start. Here are my reasons.
1. well, I only really have one. That is… drumroll please… I have no life. I literally sit around at home all day and watch youtube and read buzzfeed (you guys should really check out buzzfeed btw). I need something to keep me from going insane!!! No, blogging does not count. I need time away from my computer. Unfortunately I have nothing else to do. Besides cleaning my room which sucks. I actually just got back from sleep away camp abut a week ago. Now I’m doing a stay-cation kinda thing where basically I just sit at home all day unless one of my friends takes me somewhere. That is also one of the reasons I haven’t been posting so much lately (I know, I know, all the excuses). I have nothing to post about and I feel like just posting about my everyday life is kinda narcissistic. Which is basically what I’m doing right now! Way to go me!! I have nothing else to say at the moment so… uh… See ya.

Baby really didn’t want me to put her leash on her today! Lol! She got kinda angry.



My only response to this: “YES!!!” *laughs manically*

See my post Books, What power they hold. I didn’t really go into much about the darkling but I just want to say that he awesome and powerful and just plain the best. He can be kinda cruel sometimes though. I STILL LOVE HIM!!!

I’m So Girly!!! :) :) :) :)

I’m so HAPPY!!!!! My friend who is much older than me had like, TONS of cloths that she just never wore so guess what! I’m her size so she gave them all to meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! My wardrobe had tripled! I was really in need of some “new” clothes! The only prob is that a lot of them aren’t dress code. Our dress code says for shirts the straps have to be two or three fingers thinck and Most of the shirts are either spaghetti strapped or one strapped. I love the one strapped ones though. They are so cute! I love all the stuff! Well gotta go so… See ya! *girly squeal*

That Little…

Yesterday me and mom thought we’d give Baby a little bit of free range time. Anyway she was running around just fine until about 8:00 when she just disappeared we searched the whole house several times! We both were distraught when we couldn’t find her anywhere. So we set out some food for her and watched a little bit of Netflix. After the movie she still was nowhere to be found! This morning when we woke up I searched the house again and told mom that I still couldn’t find her. So me and mom started going over what we knew:
She’s in the house. No doors or windows open.
She’s most likely healthy. She can go days without food.
As my mom was showing me an example of where she could be… WE FOUND HER!!!! She was behind one of my mom’s huge bookshelves. We had to take a ton of the books out to get to her but we got her and now she’s sitting happily in her cage basking away.


I’m Freaking Obsessed

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been looking at books on iBooks. There are so many good ones! And they are all in the same place. Just makes everything better. I bought the first five chapters to Siege and Storm (the next in the shadow and bone series) and now I can’t stop downloading samples and buying books! I love fantasy. A different world to escape to. Realistic fiction just seems to add to your problems because you know that it could really happen. I’m also working on my novels more :-). I actually am writing a realistic fiction novel right now but I keep having the urge to make a fairy pop out of nowhere or one of the characters show up riding a unicorn or something. Lol. Why does life have to be so dull all the time? Why can’t a freakin fairy pop out of nowhere or someone ride a unicorn? I like to write because I have all the power. I hate it when a character does or says something when you want them to say or do something else! Now I have all the power and can make them do what ever I want! MWAHAHAHA!!!! Well back to writing! Or reading. I don’t know which!

Ferocious Little Buggers

Omg! i was feeding Baby (my lizard) and I let one of her crickets start to climb my hand. It climbed a little and then it BIT me!! Can you believe that? It BIT me!!!!! It hurt too! Then a little while later mom stuck her hand in the cricket cage and one of them almost bit her! Evil little beasties! There’s still a red welt on my hand!!

This is very scientifically accurate.



Yesterday I just hung out with my friend all day. It was AWESOME!! First we made cupcakes, making a total mess of her kitchen in the process. We had tons of fun. I even got cupcake mix in my hair! Lol! After we baked them we went roller skating. It was fun when we weren’t on our butts! One of the times we fell (yes, ONE of the times) I literally screamed my butt hurt so bad! Trust me I never scream. I may squeak a little if someone startles me or something but I never ever scream. I then humiliated my self further by crawling over to the rink exit! I had to sit down and bite my hand to keep from whimpering! My poor tailbone!! I managed to skate again afterward but my butt hurt soooo bad. It still hurts! I think I must have bruised the bone pretty bad. I used in-line skates for the first time. They were a lot like ice skates! after we got back from roller skating me and my mom went back to ikea picked out an AMAZINGLY AWESOME comforter cover!! I’ll post a pic later. My room isn’t finished. After that we went to a restaurant and had a pretty good dinner. Over all I’d say I had a pretty good day! Wouldn’t you? I think that’s it. See ya!

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